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it was right here and my cam corder was right on the side. a bay area mother in grief, the one item taken by burglars that is irreplaceable. good evening i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. that bay area mother returned from grief counseling to discover her home had been burglarized and an urn containing the ashes of her dead baby is now missing.
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that mother is now pleading for the return of that one precious item. >> reporter: the single mother tells me she and her children moved into this home behind me just two months ago. she says she chose it because it's in a quiet neighborhood she thought was safe. that all changed last night when burglars ransacked her home. >> i feel raped that you raped me of my privacy, my home and you stole from me. >> reporter: mishi cokier is sad. thieves stole the tv and presents she bought for her children. >> i turned around and said, they took the tv. >> reporter: but what hurt her mother was the unof her baby. >> reporter: it was right here. >> reporter: she says it was
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placed inside a jewelry box. now she fears the thieves will discard it because the baby's remains are of no value of them. >> reporter: i ask you, do not discard my baby like he was trash. because he was loved and he was wanted by her family. >> reporter: she and her family attend grief counseling every wednesday night. when they returned last night they found their home burglarized. >> no questions asked, just return my baby's remains. please just return them. >> reporter: this has been a turbulent year, she lost her job in june and her family was homeless for a few months until they moved here with hopes of better times ahead. amber lee, ktvu news. new video tonight of the aftermath of a fire in south san francisco. started about 6:00 at a welding supply business inside a larger
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warehouse on san m ateo avenue. they called for three alarms because of the danger to the entire building. crews kept the flames from spreading to other businesses in the warehouse. jim harbaugh missed practice afterundergoing what they called a minor procedure. doctors discovered the irregular heartbeat. today niner players expressed support for their coach and say they expect him back soon. >> it's unfortunate that something like that happened to a guy like that. i know he's a strong person and he will overcome all of that. we will see him tomorrow. >> he's going to be all right. we know he will. and later in sports, giant's catcher buster posey on
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the mvp award he is adding now to his trophy case. and the elite group he joins. protesters joined to the streets as fighting escalates in the middle east. tonight's protest and counter protest come as pelestinians in gaza are firing rockets and the military is answering with attacks. >> reporter: protesters gathered. nearly 150 people took part in an emergency protest put together by the islamic labor as well as community activists. the message stop the war in gaza and end u.s. support of israel. >> i'm here because i've seen this too many times before with israel the aggressor against the palestinian people.
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>> i think there's been a false demonstration that israel is retaliating. in fact, already there are far more palestinian casuals than there are israeli. >> reporter: proisrael groups staged a counter protest. >> i am here because i was in israel in 2009 when the rockets first hit. and then it was really, really horrible. >> the jewish community does not want to see this escalate into a full out war but israel has a right to defend its citizens. >> reporter: the san francisco police department had a lot of extra barricades on hand as well as nearly 20 officers on scene just in case. the protest lasted about 90 minutes during the evening rush hour and ended with no injuries and no arrests. in san francisco, cara liu, channel 2 news. a veteran correspondent who is in the middle east says it feels like war.
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bombs sounded like thunder in gaza city tonight. israel has launched a fierce air attack to stop a barrage of rockets that hamas is firing into israel. but even so hamas is still attacking. 19 pelestinians and three israelis have been killed and israel appears to be preparing for a possible ground invasion. >> we are back on storm watch with wet weather moving into southern california. >> chief meteorologist bill martin is tracking the incoming storm. >> reporter: there's two of them the next one is set to come in here in the next few hours. so rain will be here for the morning commute. here's one of them right here, here's one of them right here. the first one to come through is this one, obviously it's closing. look where it's coming from, it's a low latitude storm so warmer. here's system number two, it gets here on saturday. right now we're focused on
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system one. it's just bumping up against the coast. you see a few lightning sprinkles. it's light stuff. i'm getting reports of real light drizzle activity. that's all going to change. your morning commute is going to be a wet one for most of the bay area. enter the afternoon commute as well. i just showed you what's happening. i'll have the computer model that shows where the rain is going to come and how long it's going to stick around and what it's going to cover. i'll be back here in just about 15 minutes. with rain on the way, crews are repairing a hillside where a main ruptured. the goal to try to prevent another mud slide. another newly cleared storm drain is at the bottom of the channel. and crews say they are keeping a close eye on it. >> the idea is do what we can to the address the concerns of
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the residents that with these rains coming. >> reporter: the city says more than 97,000-gallons of water rushed down the hill tuesday morning from the broken pipe near a hilltop reservoir. a torn of mud then swarmed the neighborhood below. it was 3 feet deep in some places. a water main broke today in san francisco. it happened around 3:30 this afternoon on quinarast. san francisco public utilities crews said they had the water turned off within 45 minutes. no water damage to homes or property was reported. a member of the ski patrol has died after suffering a head injury on the slopes. a spokeswoman for the resort says ananalise kjolhede hit her head on a road. kjolhede was hit on a helmet was hit a part of her head that was not protected. she was flown to the hospital
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in reno where she died of her injuries last night. continuing coverage now of our ktvu investigation into questionable spending at the port of oakland. at tonight's board of commissioners meeting the board's interim leader promised a new era of ethical leadership and accountability. >> we were not aware of some of the most egredious expenditures. >> acting executive director diane flint said the port is looking into insight. meantime the port has another problem to deal with. it runs the oakland airport, and yesterday the union decided to strike. at issue some of the airport
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employees are unionized while others are not. there is no timetable for when the union might strike. only on 2, a thug of war over the oldest surviving building in contra costa county. it dates back to 1841. a developer wants to turn it into a private clubhouse but the towns of moraga and orinda want it preserved for the community. jana katsuyama is live where she talked to the developer who's at the center of this dispute, jana. >> reporter: the sign here says construction but after four years the developers are still waiting to break ground. and that's all because of this battle over an historically building just down this lane that some people have never seen. today we got a look. the wide metal gate almost sings as the property's story past. as michael olson one of the developers drives up the winding road to the historic, adobe. >> i cannot take you inside
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because i don't have the keys. >> reporter: we see the oldest surviving structure. it's part of a 20-acre parcel which olson and his partnered bought. >> there's a lot of damage that has been done by the vandals. >> reporter: the orinda planning department has approved their plan to create a 13 house development and rehabilitate the adobe. >> the walls are probably this thick. maybe a foot thick. >> reporter: the plan calls for turning the adobe into a clubhouse for use by the new homeowners. the structure was built about 1841, home to joaquin moraga and is on the historic places. >> we think it should be more than a clubhouse, we think it should be opened and restored so one day it could be a museum
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and learning center. >> reporter: residents are sending a letter to the council who have the final say. >> if we can buy the property and preserve it i think there's many in the community who would love to do that. we don't have the money to do that. >> reporter: some neighbors here are worried about any development or museum in this residential neighborhood. so there could be quite a show down at the next hearing at orinda city council meeting in january. reporting live from orinda, jana katsuyama. greeks locked down. the deadly celebration that caused the university to suspend all activities. why some say this is the end of their childhood. a bay area teenager brutally murdered 20 years ago. why there's been no arrest in her case while some say they know who did it.
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new at 10:00 a teenager is being remembered tonight 30 years after she was murdered. ktvu's john sasaki tell us her killer has never been arrested even though community members claim they know who did it, john. >> reporter: julie this is the church where 14-year-old diana lin johnson worshiped 30 years ago tonight the community came together to honor diana and to call for her killer to be arrested. three decades after diana lin
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johnson was killed her friends are still overcome with emotion. diana was last seen at a party down the street from her vacaville home 30 years ago from tonight. her beaten and strangled body was found the next day by some near by railroad tracks. one of her friends says she remembers the day like it was yesterday. >> i had never experienced this evil and i had no idea it existed. i probably stood this shivering in complete sadness for about an hour until i was able to get myself to leave the horrific murder scene. >> but friends also remember the good times. >> reporter: at the time vacaville was a small farming town where it seemed everyone knew everyone's business. many say the killer was at that party. >> we are very well aware who it is. he has bragged about it many a
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times. even here recently. >> why? why hasn't anything but done? why isn't anybody in jail? >> reporter: a vacaville city councilwoman came to the vigil and quoted the police chief on the case. >> we don't have enough to actually convict or to actually even bring charges. >> reporter: diana's killing is clearly stuck in the hearts of this community. >> that day my imagine of the world had changed forever. that was the day that evil kicked in the door into my young life and has never left. >> reporter: friends say they want anyone from that party 30 years ago to come forward to tell police what they know. in vacaville, john sasaki. the union pacific train slammed right into the trailer on its way to a wounded veteran's event in midland. at least four people were killed, 16 others were sent to the hospital. five of whom are in critical
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condition. the trailer was carrying wounded veterans and their spouses. a union pacific spokesperson said the crossing did have lights and breaks and both were working at the time of the crash. tonight defense secretary leon panetta said he was saddened by the tragedy. day visit benick reports on the crack down of alcohol and how students are reacting. >> reporter: the greek letters on the houses will soon have to be covered up. recruiting new members must come to an end and all parties and other events have been cancelled. >> god, that's intense. >> reporter: chico police announced the change after a
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student died on his birthday. >> was served alcohol when he was inebrieated. >> i can understand that it's a really serious problem. >> reporter: thought about being a sorority member. >> yeah, i was thinking next semester. >> reporter: what does this mean for you? >> i guess i can't. >> reporter: by early next semester, chico state plans to come up with new rules which sororities will have to follow just to be reinstated. >> we already have a lot of guidelines in those areas but i'm sure they will be even stricter. >> reporter: none of the sororities at chico state are on campus. in the past, those who have
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gotten in trouble have cut ties with the administration and become unofficial drinking clubs. comedian cat williams is free tonight after being arrested on suspicion of assault in downtown oakland. williams was accused of hitting another man over the head with a bottle. the victim told police he was attacked on board a tour bus that was parked outside the courtyard marriot hotel. the victim suffered a cut on his head. williams is set to perform tomorrow. united had to deal with a computer glitch. and tonight the company is promising it won't happen again. there were 10 flight delays at sfo, 250 worldwide. united says the glitch made it impossible for airline dispatchers to communicate
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crucial information to pilots. the holiday travel season gets under way tomorrow at san francisco international airport. the airport says tomorrow is expected to be the busiest single day of travel for the thanksgiving period. sfo is estimating more than 140,000 passengers will arrive and depart from sfo tomorrow. and during the entire holiday season, sfo expects 3% more travelers compared to last year. nice day around here today, we've had a nice run of fall like temperatures above average temperatures. that changes now. first weather system gets in here tomorrow. second system i pointed out on saturday. three day total, maybe 2-1/2 inches of rain. some of the heavier hilly location. so it's going to be wet, umbrellas will be needed. let's go through the computer model, 10:00 tonight we have clouds you knew that. we get to 6:00 a.m. there's drizzle, wet on the roadways. look what happens as we get toward 10:00 a.m.
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looks like more widely scattered showers. that's your morning commute. between 6:00 and 10:00 you're going to have this going on. you get toward around lunchtime more scattered showers and offshore. we're going to toggle this model into next weekend. there is more rain coming, we're going to get back with part of your next week's holiday in view. we'll see you back here. a change in police protocall after an officer opened fire. >> my family member is dead. coupled with a chaplain to me it's a slap in the face. the effort at easing tensions in the community that some say is just insulting. >> a popular movie franchise is coming to an end and tonight we're going to introduce you to some of the cloud waiting for a late night showing of the final twilight movie.
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-what's up? i'm chris. -and i'm erik. both: we're the fruit guys! back in 1998, we had this idea to deliver fresh fruit to offices in downtown san francisco. we built these wooden crates, filled these with fruit in my one-bedroom apartment. the fruit guys has been with bank of america since they first started. we work with them to help them grow and succeed. we're coming up on 50 employees and delivering to thousands of companies every week. i would definitely say this is a fruitful business. happening now it's opening
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night for one of the most anticipated movies of the year. it's breaking dawn part two the final chapter of the twilight series. maureen naylor is live, she tells us for many fans this is way more than just a movie. >> reporter: frank across the bay area the shows are sold out tonight including five screens here at santana row. right now they're just allowing those who waited for the 11:00 showing. some of those people waited for hours and the first showing tonight started at 10:00. extra popcorn was popping in campbell where extra staff was brought in for tonight's premier. >> we've been getting calls in for the last month about purchasing tickets. >> reporter: while outside -- >> it's really sad it feels like my childhood is kind of ending tonight. >> reporter: we met this 17- year-old who's love with
10:25 pm
twilight -- she's able to recite. >> at santana row we met a lot of tweens. >> i've been waiting for this for a long time. >> reporter: and one retiree. >> jacob i like better. >> reporter: some tell us why they like the series so much. >> reporter: just you know when they show their bodies that's what i really love, yes. >> reporter: and behind this line there's about another 100 people waiting. box office watchers expect this final film to make $150 million this weekend alone in the u.s.
10:26 pm
and canada. reporting live at santana row and san jose, maureen naylor. the golden state warriors are one step closer to moving to san francisco. the city's board of supervisors budget committee yesterday approved the arena deeming the $1 billion construction project fiscally feasible. the team plans to build the new arena along piers 30 and 32. a bankruptcy court has approved a deal to sell the former home of solyndra the failed solar company. the court approved the sale to seagate technology company for $90 million. there were no other bids though. the hostess bakery company is planning to close down their plants across the country if
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union workers do not return to the plant. hostess runs 36 plants across the country including this bakery in oakland. if the strike didn't end today, the president said he would liquidate the company. but the deadline came and went with neither side backing down. hostess is expecting to announce its next move sometime tomorrow. president obama visits new york. his promise today to a region hit hard by superstorm sandy. >> police officers shoot someone. an emotional situation, meet the new first responders oakland is sending to the scene.
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in tonight's special report the oakland police department will be sending out two chaplains to any officer
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involved shootings. the policy is in response to recent uproars over such shootings. as debra villalone reports some say the department's focus is in the wrong place. >> this goes underneath my shirt. >> reporter: a minister who wears a bullet-proof vest. >> i throw my little hat on here and let them know that when i'm on the crime scene there's a chaplain. >> reporter: volunteer police chaplains are called to comfort survivors as they did during the oikos shooting, and to confront officers as they did the day cops were gunned down: now they're training for another scenario. >> there may be time when a police officer does something wrong. >> reporter: when an officer kits a suspect. chaplains will be dispatched to soothe and defuse community outrage. >> they are going to be there to give support, prayer, they're going to make it better. >> reporter: it's a direct response to protests raging for months over the shooting of
10:31 pm
teenager alan blugert. his family and investigators at odds whether he pulled the gun. >> reporter: they're family is going to get there and see their family member on the floor. >> reporter: instead chaplains are to offer grief counseling. >> so we're supporting them spiritually from bereavement perspective. >> reporter: they can try to help loved ones understand what happened. >> what is our responsibility to follow through with the family. >> reporter: and reassure them about the investigations that follow. >> what i do expect you to say is there's a process in place and here's the process so people will know. >> we just want to know if there's a line we don't step across. >> that line has been removed. >> reporter: the department
10:32 pm
hopes its clergy can restore faith shredded by shootings. because that family might feel more respect if clergy is around. >> you just killed a family member of mine and now you're bringing the chaplain. >> reporter: derek jones was killed outside his barber shop running from police. his killing too sparked outrage. sahele says police chaplains won't be trusted. >> to me i feel like it's, it's pouring salt into the wounds. >> reporter: and she wonders why the focus isn't on curbing officers use of deadly force. >> can we do something different in their training? you know my brother was not armed. but you know he was shot several times. >> yes in a perfect situation no officer involved shootings would be the ideal situation. >> reporter: ideal police say but not realistic. >> we are living in times right now where there's some very dangerous people out there.
10:33 pm
>> reporter: so it falls to the dozen pastors pulled from their sermons and sunday schools and summoned to the streets where they've seen the chaos of shootings before. >> sometimes i can get them to calm down, bring peace there and sometimes it takes a while. sometimes my son, my daughter you know. >> reporter: they brace now for when a cop pulls the trigger. >> it's going to be harder. especially first of all they don't trust anybody. >> reporter: walking a thin line, finding the right words. this might need some devine intervention. debora villalon, ktvu. peter sucor died back in february after he was attacked while waiting to police to respond to his nonemergency call. police say they did not respond
10:34 pm
because they were monitoring a protest. daniel dewitt was arrested and deemed mentally unstable to stand trial. yee said he has defeated fx crowley. he says the department of elections has not certified the vote. it appears ami b era has won the race in sacramento county. he is one of some 80 new house members but his opponent, dan lundgren is refusing to concedement some 38,000 ballots remain to be counted and b era is leading by 5,800 votes. president obama spent three hours looking at the damage and meeting with people who are still suffering. in new jersey right after the storm the president promised to
10:35 pm
see the rebuilding through until it is complete. >> and i meant it. so i'm going to come back today but i'm also going to be coming back in the future to make sure we have followed through on that commitment. >> reporter: there are still thousands of people without power. 17 days after that storm and countless homes that are unfortunately beyond repair. an oakland based national youth program is about to receive a prestigious award. it's one of 12 programs chosen out of a pool of 350 organizations. the award is presented at a ceremony at the white house. youth radio teaches students how to produce radio programs. organizers of a christmas party for some special children's day may be a little less special. the party is for kids with cerebral palsy. it has been a hit for several
10:36 pm
years. but it's getting harder to raise money. families with the impairment are often isolated from other children. >> we go to other parties and you know, they'll say, oh she walks funny. or why does she make those sounds. well at a party like this, other kids are just like her. >> reporter: this year's party is scheduled for saturday december 15th at the oakland mariott. police say he broke into an apartment. today the set up that has been made to catch the two men. parents demand answers after a registered sex offender is allowed to volunteer at a south bay school. [ female announcer ] welcome one and all
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new at 10:00, a sketch of an armed intruder just released tonight by police in san rafael. investigators are looking for a man who broke into an apartment. he managed to run away but the women told police that he had numerous stab wounds. the catholic diocese of san jose is under fire tonight after a convicted sex offender was allowed to volunteer at a children's festival. mark christopher gurries was convicted in february of 2010 for molesting a young relative. he was allowed to volunteer last month at st. francis cabrini after the diocese gave him written permission. some parents we talked to were
10:40 pm
unhappy about the church's desession to allow gurries to to volunteer. >> we have a great community and a lot of parents who are willing to volunteer who are not sex offenders. three fires that burned within a half mile of each other during a 12 hour span are cases of arson. the first fire was at 8:15 last night at a vacant house on alabama street. the second fire gutted the village cocktail lounge. the last fire was at a vacant pet clinic on york and amador street. all three fires were set in a similar way using an accelerate. fortunately no injuries were reported and as of tonight no arrests have been made. in news of the world tonight in europe the economic news got worse today. officials figures show the 17 country euro zone has fallen back into recession. there were demonstrations
10:41 pm
across the continent yesterday against austerity members that members say are not working. others say europe's troubles will be felt here in the united states. in beijing, china's new leaders announced themselves. ping did not give me details. and in belize mcafee is still on the run. authorities say they just want to question him about the killing of his neighbor. mcafee has sent word that he thinks police want to kill him. belize's prime minister says he thinks mcafee is paranoid and even bonkers. take a look at this photo,
10:42 pm
someone posted it with a joke of seeing a dinosaur. turns out it isn't a joke. scientists say it actually is a fossilized vertibre of a whale. no plan on what is planned for these bones? the new investigation into a former boss. >> and what we're hearing about area crabbers about the first catch due tomorrow. and chief meteorologist bill martin will tell us about the timing of these storms and how they're going to play out. =8
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look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy u-verse high speed internet. you know, in my day you couldn't just start streaming six ways to sunday. you'd get knocked off. and sometimes, it took a minute to download a song. that's sixty seconds, for crying out loud. we know how long a minute is! sitting, waiting for an album to download. i still have back problems. you're only 14 and a half. he doesn't have back problems. you kids have got it too good if you ask me. [ male announcer ] now u-verse high speed internet has more speed options, reliability and ways to connect. rethink possible.
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the cia has now opened its own investigation into the conduct of its former boss general david petraeus. as mike mibach reports, this comes on the eve of the
10:45 pm
general's testimony before the national committee. >> reporter: capitol hill washington, d.c., top u.s. security officials arrive for closed door hearings while at the same time -- >> the president himself has intentionally miss informed, read that live to the american people. >> reporter: the lawmakers held their talks about the benghazi attack. >> if you want to know who is responsible in your town, buy yourself a mirror. >> reporter: lawmakers searched for a possible connection if any in a tangled line of story lines. >> the resignation of general petraeus has opened up even more questions such as what is contained in a report he prepared following his visit to benghazi. >> reporter: general petraeus resigned his postafter
10:46 pm
acknowledging an extramarital affair with his biographer. today petraeus came forward for the first time since he resigned since speaking on camera. >> he has insisted to me that he has never passed confidential information to paula broadwell. >> reporter: general petraeus will testify about the attack in benghazi here at the home of chris steven's mother. all is quiet on this the eve of the general's testimony. some markets fell again today for the -- stock markets fell again for the third straight in a row. the nasdaq dropped nine, the nasdaq dropped 28 points. the deadly oil rig fire and disastrous spill in the gulf of mexico will cost the oil giant
10:47 pm
bp a record 4-1/2 billion dollars. bp agreed to plead guilty to a number of federal charges including lying about how much oil was spilling into the gulf and the deaths of 11 oil rig workers. that rig blew up on april 20th, 2010, at least one public interest group is calling the settlement quote pathetic. and the u.s. postal service reported a record loss today. the postmaster general says the mail service lost $15.9 billion in the past fiscal year. the usps is calling on congress for an overhaul to save money and that includes an end to service on saturday. the boats were out today for the first full day of the commercial crab season. initial reports show the crabs are looking good but may not be plentiful. the manager of one san
10:48 pm
francisco crabbing company expects his boat early tomorrow morning but says his crews are already reporting back. >> about 2 pounds or 1.3 or 2- pound. >> reporter: that price amounts to a little more than $6 a pound. we've had a nice couple of days around here. it wasn't that bad today. the clouds thickened up and now this next weather system, system number one is setting up to move into the bay area. it's going to hit just about the time of the morning commute. in the early mid-morning area, but we're going to see wet roadways for the morning commute. this is the wet area. we're getting reports of light drizzle. that's going to pick up as the atmosphere moistens up as we get into the next hour or so. tonight we have rain in the forecast, umbrellas are going to be a needed item. jackets, it's not going to be cold. temperatures out there will be in the low 60s in many places.
10:49 pm
the weekend we have more showers in the forecast for you. storm number one, storm number three, storm number three warm, storm number two is cold. mostly for the snow levels but also storm number one right here might have the best chance for dropping rain. because warmer air holds more water. this storm number two a more typical storm is a little bit more vigorous. i think we will see more rain with this one as it rolls in. saturday night overnight. that's kind of cool because that's going to set your saturday afternoon is not going to be bad. maybe cloudy. sunday afternoon is not going to be bad either. it's going to be overnight saturday. so your weekend is not going to be a wash out. it's going to vary a little bit. there's your 8:00 a.m. commute. scattered showers, showers, wet roadways. there's your 5:00 p.m. commute. it's wet. umbrellas needed, kids are not going to be doing pe -- kids are going to be doing pe in the gym. saturday morning showers, there's your saturday it looks
10:50 pm
good until about 10:00, 11:00 saturday night into sunday morning. that bad boy goes through and we get a break tomorrow afternoon. there's the basic timing of it. tomorrow is a wet day beginning to end. saturday and sunday there's going to be some breaks so i think there's some doable time that you can go out and do things, you want to go out and do things. the five day forecast will illustrate this in a different way but it shows you that rain all day friday, saturday the sun might come out a little bit. same with sunday. friday rains all day. saturday night overnight into sunday. then the rest of sunday doesn't look half bad. >> tomorrow is the worse. >> tomorrow is kind of the worse. we'll get a lot of rain sunday but tomorrow will be that wet day. wet commute. >> i like the overnight rain. >> i do too. you wake up and it's all good. >> thank you, bill. >> sure. more details now about the food and drug administration's records harding those high
10:51 pm
caffeine energy drinks. today the fda released more records about previous warnings about rock star, monster and five hour energy. the fda wants to announce that the naming does not mean it contributed to the injury or the death. they say they have developed a compound that acts like a molecular tweezer and successfully removes plaque from the use of mice. the use of so called tweezers may not help human neurons in the same way but may be good to use before the onset of
10:52 pm
alzheimer's. we'll hear from buster posey on the latest award he is now taking home. >> and get ktvu news to go. download the ktvu app. download the app and you can watch all our newscasts right there on your mobile device. [ female announcer ] add your own ingredients to hamburger helper for a fresh take on a quick, delicious meal. it's one box with hundreds of possibilities. of green giant vegetables it's easy to eat like a giant... ♪ and feel like a green giant. ♪ ho ho ho ♪ green giant
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mark is here now with
10:55 pm
sports, it seems like it couldn't have happened to a nicer guy. buster posey just seems like the real deal. >> seeing him in the clubhouse he portrays himself to be. even the name buster posey seems too good to be true for a baseball star. sounds like make believe, it's all a legend already. here's the moment that he and his wife kristin find out that he is add to it the national league's most valuable player. >> the answer is -- posey. tell you what statistics don't even begin to tell the story. but they are eye popping, two world championships in three seasons there's his iconic grand slam against the reds. come back player of the year award, he's the first catcher in 70 years to win a batting title. now add to it today's national
10:56 pm
league most available player award. >> just the resiliency and perseverance of each guy on the team. it seems like there was a different guy stepping up every night. just a blast, great memories. and main goal is to win. main goal is to help your teammates and it goes both ways and we've got guys on the team that you know pick me up and help me out. so again it's just a very fortunate to play with a great group of guys. >> meanwhile considering no one had won the triple crown since 1967 pretty much a done deal. you give that guy the most valuable player award, miguel cabrera also led the detroit tigers into the world series with his eye popping stats, hard to argue he's not the american league mvp. cabrera outdistances mike trout. for cabrera 330 330 average, 139 rbis making him a very easy
10:57 pm
choice. time for the picking on the little guy routine for programs like stanford against the little alcorn states of the world. it's stanford jason randall stealing and the ensuing bucket on the other end. the cardinals had a real off night shooting that is all but josh hustis was all of ace on the floor. the gails of st. mary's doing damage in utah. ending utah state's 37 home game win streak. bennett's squad now has a bennett state transfer. he looks dynamite there. deladova threads a three.
10:58 pm
old reliable. and it was the bills over the -- in thursday night football. >> mark, thank you. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. >> ktvu morning news will be impacting your early commute before the rains and as the rains open up. we're always here for you on and mobile ktvu.
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